Sync: Synchronizes two videos. Default is off.

Lock: Locks the video in place so you don't accidentally move it. Default is off except in Draw mode which automatically turns on the lock for the selected video.
Note: It's a good idea to enable the "Use Side Switch to: Lock Rotation" in the iPad2 settings when using the iCoachView app.

Video: Records Video using the iPad2 camera into the iCoachView app. If you want to save the video you will need to use the save feature in the iCoachView app.

Voice-Over: Allows you to add voice to the selected videos. Using the iPad2 earbuds with mic is suggested when not in a quiet area.

Coaches Notes: Write notes (captions) on the video. Double tap the Coach's Notes box to activate the keyboard. To clear Coach's Notes bring up the box, select Clear and Save.
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