What can you do with the iCoachView app?

  •     Provide instant video feedback
  •     Record Video
  •     Analyze videos recorded with the iPad2 or imported from the web/iTunes
  •     Sync two videos
  •     Zoom in and out
  •     Play 1 or 2 videos frame by frame, real time, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 speed or scrub*
  •     Trim videos
  •     Flip videos horizontal, vertical, and/or mirror
  •     Compare two videos side by side, over-under, or with overlay
  •     Telestrator tools include line and freehand with 5 different colors
  •     Save videos and screenshots to camera roll, library, and/or upload to web.
  •     No waiting for the video to compress
  •     and more....

Click/Tap any icon below on the iCoachView interface for details